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This week in Mixed Reality: Issue 8


Now that we are back from our Chicago work week, we are heads down adding new features, making improvements and fixing bugs.


We are focusing on making general improvements and on the Widgets API across the Android platforms:

  • Improved the widgets API to create all the windows, widgets and placements from Java:

    • Create & place all widgets from Java
    • Generate ids from Java in order to avoid having to wait the callback with the C++ handler
    • Remove the widget creation enumerations
    • Consider moving visibility to WidgetPlacement class
    • Adapt all widget children to the new API
  • Resolved startup issues in GeckoView fixing, the initial home page experience


This week we spent time prioritizing features and planning for the rest of the year for the Hubs by Mozilla product:

  • Added documentation of Hubs A-Frame components in the code and here
  • Proof of concept of scrollable list view with react-surface, which will allow full flexbox layout + react enabled UI drawn to webgl canvas in VR
  • Concluded planning and requirements doc for environment building kit, editor work kicked off this week

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Content ecosystem

We are continuing to fix bugs found on the Unity WebVR exporter tool.

Found a critical bug? File it in our public GitHub repo or let us know on the public WebVR Slack #unity channel and as always, join us in our discussion!

Stand by for new features and improvements across our three areas next week!