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Firefox Reality 1.4


Firefox Reality 1.4 is now available for users in the Viveport and Oculus stores.

With this release, we’re excited to announce that users can enjoy browsing in multiple windows side-by-side. Each window can be set to the size and position of your choice, for a super customizable experience.


And, by popular demand, we’ve enabled local browsing history, so you can get back to sites you've visited before without typing. Sites in your history will also appear as you type in the search bar, so you can complete the address quickly and easily. You can clear your history or turn it off anytime from within Settings.

The Content Feed also has a new and improved menu of hand-curated “Best of WebVR” content for you to explore. You can look forward to monthly updates featuring a selection of new content across different categories including Animation, Extreme (sports/adrenaline/adventure), Music, Art & Experimental and our personal favorite way to wind down a day, 360 Chill.

Additional highlights

  • Movable keyboard, so you can place it where it’s most comfortable to type.
  • Tooltips on buttons and actions throughout the app.
  • Updated look and feel for the Bookmarks and History views so you can see and interact better at all window sizes.
  • An easy way to request the desktop version of a site that doesn’t display well in VR, right from the search bar.
  • Updated and reorganized settings to be easier to find and understand.
  • Added the ability to set a preferred website language order.

Full release notes can be found in our GitHub repo here.

Stay tuned as we keep improving Firefox Reality! We’re currently working on integrating your Firefox Account so you’ll be able to easily send tabs to and from VR from other devices. New languages and copy/paste are also coming soon, in addition to continued improvements in performance and stability.

Firefox Reality is available right now. Go and get it!
Download for Oculus Go
Download for Oculus Quest
Download for Viveport (Search for Firefox Reality in Viveport store)