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This week in Mixed Reality: Issue 7


Missed us last week? Our team met in Chicago for a work week. If you had the chance to come and meet us at the CHIVR / AR Chicago meetup, thanks for swinging by. We strategized our short and long term plans and we're really excited to share what we're unfolding in the coming weeks.


Week by week we are adding more features towards a MVP:

  • Implemented and tested native Android permission requests on all platforms
  • Implemented webview permission prompts
  • Improved URL detection on the URLBar
  • Ensured MotionEvent consistency to maintain correct button state
  • Starting to work on immersive mode

Here is a video of the webview permission prompts!


We are continously making performance improvements and adding new features to the Hubs by Mozilla product:

  • Shipped second pass of UX improvements for Oculus Go which will improve performance
  • New, direct manipulation phone locomotion controls
  • R&D spikes on in-VR UI with react-canvas and react-360
  • Space bubble usability improvements
  • Overall wrapping up polish/bugfixing pass and Oculus Go UX and performance push and pivoting to new feature development again next week

Join our public WebVR Slack #social channel to participate in on the discussion!

Content ecosystem

We are improving the Unity Editor's VR preview mode for rapid development, including fixing controller bugs and documentation for Unity WebVR exporter tool.

We'd like to invite Unity game designers and developers to try it out and reach out to us on the public WebVR Slack #unity channel to participate in on the discussion!

Stay tuned for new features and improvements across our three areas next week!