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This week in Mixed Reality: Issue 6


The team and community continue to add new features, fix bugs, and respond to early user and developer feedback to deliver a solid experience across Firefox Reality, Hubs and the content related projects.

Next week, the team will be in Chicago for a workweek. Come see us at a Chicago VR & AR meetup on Thursday, May 17th if you are in the area!


We are continuing to build towards a MVP:

  • Firefox Reality (FxR) is now working on more devices! Expect to see substantial design changes in coming weeks after early developer and user testing.
  • Added Oculus Go support.
  • Added Daydream Lenovo Mirage 6DoF headset support.
  • KeyboardView integrated in the Firefox Reality plugin ecosystem and can show/hide and position a keyboard in the 3D space.
  • Implemented keyboard mode switching between lowercase, uppercase and symbol letter layouts. There is an additional symbol layout in order to support the most used symbols.

Here is a video of the new keyboard!

In addition to Gecko, we also now have the experimental Servo engine running inside of Firefox Reality!


Since the announcement of Hubs by Mozilla preview release, we are putting our efforts on a variety of post-launch tasks:

  • Coordinating a large number of PRs to land into upstream 3rd party A-Frame components, full list here. Overall task list here.
  • Oculus Go device support and Send to Device PR entry flow lands this week, which will make it easy to enter a room in Hubs on your Oculus Go. Additional optimization work going on to ensure we hit frame rate on the Go.
  • Fixing up entry flow issues and bugs for Cardboard devices, including adding Cardboard support for iOS.
  • Janus SFU stability fixes have landed which should eliminate issues with certain browsers causing server restarts.

Join our public WebVR Slack #social channel to participate in on the discussion!

Content ecosystem

We’re focusing on showing navigation between Unity experiences and adding more content examples to the Unity WebVR Exporter.

We'd like to invite Unity game designers and developers to try it out and reach out to us on the public WebVR Slack #unity channel to participate in on the discussion!

Blair released a new article on extending our WebXR iOS Viewer application with more computer vision features. As the W3C Immersive Web Community group settles on a more stable WebXR API this summer, we expect to begin adding WebXR support to our browsers. Now that Google is also starting to add experimental WebXR support to Chrome mobile, it will be great to collaborate more with them on future Augmented Reality and Computer Vision experiments!

We’re really excited to share our journey of building our products, week after week. Check out what we’re shipping next, next week!