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Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality 12


The latest version of Firefox Reality for standalone VR headsets brings a host of long-awaited features we're excited to reveal, as well as improved stability and performance.

Add-on support

Firefox Reality is the first and only browser to bring add-on support to the immersive web. Now you can download powerful extensions that help you take control of your VR browsing experience. We started with favorites like uBlock, Dark Reader, and Privacy Badger.


Ever get tired of typing your passwords in the browser? This can be tedious, especially using VR headset controllers. Now, your browser can do the work of remembering and entering your passwords and other frequent form text with our autofill feature.

Redesigned library and updated status bar

We’ve completely redesigned and streamlined our library and simplified our status bar. You can also find additional information on the status bar, including indicators for the battery levels of controllers and the headset, as well as time/date info.

Find the Bookmarks menu in our redesigned Library interface.
Indicators for controller and headset battery life
Find the Addons list in our redesigned Library interface.

Redesigned Content Feed

We’ve also redesigned our content feed for ease of navigation and discovery of related content organized by the categories in the left menu. Stay tuned for this change rolling out to your platform of choice soon.

The future of Firefox Reality

Look for Firefox Reality 12 available now in the HTC, Pico and Oculus stores. This feature-packed release of Firefox Reality will be the last major feature release for a while as we gear up for a deeper investment in Hubs. But not to worry! Firefox Reality will still be well supported and maintained on your favorite standalone VR platform.

Contribute to Firefox Reality!

Firefox Reality is an open source project. We love hearing from and collaborating with our developer community. Check out Firefox Reality on GitHub and help build the open immersive web