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Firefox Reality

Introducing Firefox Reality PC Preview


Have you ever played a VR game and needed a tip for beating the game... but you didn’t want to take off your headset to find that solution? Or, have you wanted to watch videos while you played your game? Or, how about wanting to immerse yourself in a 360 video on Youtube?

Released today, Firefox Reality PC Preview enables you to do these things and more. This is the newest addition to the Firefox Reality family of products. Built upon the latest version of the well-known and trusted Firefox browser, Firefox Reality PC Preview works with tethered headsets as well as wireless headsets streaming from a PC.

Firefox Reality PC Preview in Viveport Origin environment

Firefox Reality PC Preview is a new VR web browser that provides 2D overlay browsing alongside immersive apps and supports web-based immersive experiences for PC-connected VR headsets. You can access the conventional web, floating in your virtual environment as you use the controller to interact with the web content. You can also watch 360 Videos from sites such as Vimeo or KaiXR, with many showcases of immersive experiences from around the world. With Firefox Reality PC Preview, you can explore 3D web content created with WebVR or WebXR, such as Mozilla Hubs, Sketchfab, and Hello WebXR!. And, of course, Firefox Reality PC Preview contains the same privacy and security that underpin regular Firefox on the desktop.

Browsing the web and playing 360 videos while inside Viveport Origin, and watching a gameplay video of Pirate Space Trainer on YouTube while playing it at the same time.

Firefox Reality PC Preview is available for download right now in HTC’s Viveport store and runs on any device accessible from the Viveport Store, including the HTC Vive Cosmos. Our Preview release is intended to give users the chance to test the features shared above. From this initial release, we plan to deliver updates that add more functionality and stability as well as expand to other VR platforms. We would love to get feedback about your experience with this Preview. Please install it and take it for a test drive!

Screen shot of Firefox Reality PC Preview in HTC Viveport Store