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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 3


This week we’re heads down focusing on adding features in the three broad areas of Browsers, Social and the Content Ecosystem.


This week we focused on building Firefox Reality and we’re excited to announce additional features:

  • Implemented private tabs
  • Tab overflow popup list
  • Added contextual menu for “more options” in the header
  • Improvements for SVR based devices:
    • Update SDK to v2.1.2 for tracking improvements
    • Fallback to head tracking based input when there are not controllers available
    • Implement scrolling using wheel and trackpad input buttons in ODG devices
  • Working on the virtual keyboard across Android platform
  • We are designing the transitions for WebVR immersive mode

Check out the video clip of additional features we added this week of the contextual menu and private tabs:

Firefox Reality private browsing from Imanol Fernández Gorostizaga on Vimeo.


We're working on a web-based social experience for Mixed Reality.

In the last week, we have:

  • Landed next 2D UX pass which cleans up a bunch of CSS and design inconsistencies, and prompts users for avatar and name customization before entry until they customize their name.
  • Ongoing work for final push of in-VR UX: unified 3D cursor, “pause/play” mode for blocking UX, finalized HUD design and positioning, less error-prone teleporting component should all land this week.
  • Worked through remaining issues with deployments, cleaned up bugs and restart issues with Habitat (as well as filed a number of bugs.)
  • Set-up room member capping and room closing.

Join our public WebVR Slack #social channel to join in the discussion!

Content ecosystem

This week, Blair MacIntyre released a new version of the iOS WebXR Viewer app that includes support for experimenting with Computer Vision.

Check out the video below:

Stay tuned next week for some exciting news!