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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 2


We’ve made great progress this week in the three broad areas of Browsers, Social and the Content Ecosystem.


As we’re building out Firefox Reality, the front-end is really coming together as we continue to integrate the UI/UX designs.

  • Added a more complete 2D browser chrome with tabs & dialogs
  • Fixed the display density and UI scale factors by adding a formula to improve the size calculation based on device DPI
  • Now we have a gradle flavor to generate the Daydream build without flat mode
  • Added private browsing
  • Started building a virtual keyboard
  • UI specs completed: error pages, a virtual keyboard, the button tray, focus mode, and private browsing. There is also now a user flow demonstrating how Firefox Reality can be used in an educational setting

Check out our source code; it’s now public!


We are working on a new social platform for Mixed Reality.

In the last week, we have:

  • First public VR standup! We will be doing these publicly going forward. Check out the public WebVR channel below on Friday mornings, US Pacific for details!
  • Navmesh work landed, which prevents teleporting and walking through walls
  • Three.js editor enhancements by Kevin Lee that allows laying out primitive-based colliders for physics

Join our public WebVR Slack #social channel to participate in on the discussion!

Content ecosystem

We finished our Unity WebVR exporter v1.2.0 release! This release is heavily focused on input systems, and we added enhancements to make it easier for developers to integrate this package into your scenes.

Some highlights include:

  • Added keyboard and mouse controls for navigating scenes on desktop
  • Upgraded WebVR Polyfill, for improved mobile support, which supports new Sensor APIs in Chrome
  • Major refactor to camera controls in Unity, for ease of development and maintenance


We'd like to invite Unity game designers and developers to try it out and reach out to us on the public WebVR Slack #unity channel, where we have also recently moved our development discussion.