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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 16


It's mostly more bug fixes this week, and starting on some cool new features, but first we want to tell you about an exciting competition that launched this week.

On Monday Andrzej Mazur launched the 2018 edition of the JS13KGames competition. As the name suggests, you have to create a game using only thirteen kilobytes of Javascript (zipped) or less. Check out some of last year's winners to see what is possible in 13k.

This year Mozilla is sponsoring the new WebXR category, which lets you use A-Frame or Babylon.js without counting towards the 13k. See the full rules for details. Prizes this year includes the Oculus Go for the top three champions.


We demoed Firefox Reality at the Mozilla Gigabit event in Mountain View on 8/15. The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund provides grant funding in select U.S. communities to support pilot tests of gigabit technologies such as virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence, and their related curricula.

The GeckoView team added APIs for overriding screen size and display DPI, which will enable more UI customization in the future. We also did more work to improve model load times, plus general performance fixes.

Did you know you can see everything that goes into Firefox Reality in the Github? Every bug and commit is available for you to see.


Tons of bug fixes for stability, performance, and fixes of the drawing tool.

See you next week!