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This week in Mixed Reality: Issue 11


This week, we're making great strides in adding new features and making a wide range of improvements and our new contributors are also helping us fix bugs.


We are churning out new features and continuing to make UI changes to deliver the best possible experience on Firefox Reality by implementing the following:

  • Focus mode with the new design
  • Full screen mode and widget resizing
  • Reusable quad node which adds supports different scale modes
  • World Fade Out/In API and blitter
  • Back handler API
  • WidgetResizer utility node
  • Settings panel
  • A single window UI design with a browser window and bar below

Here is a sneek peak of Firefox Reality with focus mode, full screen mode and widget resizing with the new UX/UI:

Firefox Reality Focus mode, full screen mode and widget resizing from Imanol Fernández Gorostizaga on Vimeo.


We are working towards a content creator and content import updates on Hubs by Mozilla and added some new features:

  • Continued work on image and model spawning: animated GIFs, object deletion, proxy integration
  • Editor filesystem management feature complete, GLTF scene saving/loading, property editing
  • Migration to Maya GLTF exporter for architecture kit
  • Proof of concept of 3d spline generation and rendering for drawing tool
  • Media proxy (farspark) operationalized and deployed

Join our public WebVR Slack #social channel to participate in on the discussion!

Content ecosystem

This week, we launched v1.4.0, this includes, adding a new example scene and for handling Unity code for swapping scenes for navigation on the Unity WebVR project.

Shout out to Kyle Reczek for contributing his patch to fixing the state of the VR camera and manager since the state was not correct when exiting VR for switching scenes.

Found a critical bug? File it in our public GitHub repo or let us know on the public WebVR Slack #unity channel and as always, join us in our discussion!

Stay tuned for new features and improvements across our three areas!