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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 10


Last week, the team was in San Francisco for an all-Mozilla company meeting.

This week the team is focusing on adding new features, making improvements and fixing bugs.


We are all hands on deck building more components and adding new UI across Firefox Reality:

  • Improve keyboard visibility detection
  • Added special characters to the keyboard
  • Added some features & research some issues in the VRB renderer, required to properly implement focus mode

Here is a preview that we showed off of the support for skybox and some of the new UX/UI:


We are continuing to provide a better experience across Hubs by Mozilla:

  • Added better flow for iOS webviews
  • Added support for VM development and fast entry flow for developers
  • Began work on image proxying for sharing 2d images
  • Continuing development on 2d/3d object spawning, space editor, and pen tool

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Content ecosystem

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Stay tuned for new features and improvements across our three areas!