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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 1


In the spirit of This week in Firefox/Rust/Servo, we’ve decided to start sharing weekly updates on the progress of the Mozilla Mixed Reality team. Late last year, we brought together all of the people working on Virtual and Augmented Reality at Mozilla to work in our new Mixed Reality program.

As part of that program, we're working in three broad areas.


We recently announced Firefox Reality, a new browser for standalone AR/VR headsets based on the best pieces of Firefox with both GeckoView and Servo.


We are working on a new social platform for Mixed Reality.

In the last week, we have:

Content ecosystem

And of course without great experiences, there’s no reason to put on a headset in the first place! Making sure that developers - whether they are web-first or coming from tools such as Unity - are successful in targeting WebVR and later WebXR...

  • Created initial prototype adding WebGL2 support to three.js
  • Reached the end of the A-Frame / Sketchfab creation experiment