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This Week in Mixed Reality: Issue 17, Hubs Edition


As I do every week, I was going to say it's mostly be bug fixing. However this week the big news is our update to Hubs, Mozilla's VR chat system. You can now share any kind of media within Hubs: PDFs, images, music, and even Youtube videos.

easy as pie

The Mixed Reality team has been working hard on this release for months. Being in VR is so much more immersive when you can bring other parts of the world with you. You could review 3D models with your co-workers, give a PDF presentation to your meetup group, or watch some funny YouTube clips with your friends. We think you will all find tons of unique new uses for Hubs now.


In other news (if Hubs just isn't enough for you), the Firefox Reality team is cleaning up the code and focusing on more bug fixes and performance, as well as getting the developer tools integration finished so you can debug VR easily from your desktop.

The Firefox Reality team has also been polishing the UI, such as adding a splashscreen, working on the icon, and tweaking the keyboard design.

Content Ecosystem

The JS13KCompetion is going strong, with a new prize added: 10 copies of PyxelEdit, a wonderful desktop pixel editor. (I use it myself, actually).

Fernando Serrano demonstrated a multi-view extension for ThreeJS built by our team which promises to greatly speed up VR on the web.

I've also finished the next module in my opensource WebXR workshop series: GLTF and 3D Models. If you are interested in teaching WebXR, please let me know. This workshop series is specifically designed to help you do that.

Virtuleap announced the winners of their Global WebXR Hackathon. The top prize went to Crystalis VR, a unique take on the classic puzzler genre.

That's it for this week folks. Be sure to follow our Twitter account for the latest in WebXR development.