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SHA Hacker Camp: Learning a byte about Virtual Reality on the Web


SHA (Still Hacking Anyways) is an nonprofit, outdoor hacker-camp series organized every four years. SHA2017 was held this August 4-8 in Zeewolde, Netherlands.

Attended by more than 3500 hackers, SHA was a fun, knowledge-packed four-day festival. The festival featured a wide range of talks and workshops, including sessions related to Internet of Things (IoT), hardware and software hacking, security, privacy, and much more!

Ram Dayal Vaishnav, a Tech Speaker from Mozilla’s Indian community, presented a session on WebVR, Building a Virtual-Reality Website using A-Frame. Check out a video recording of Ram’s talk:

Head on over to Ram’s personal blog to catch a few more highlights from SHA2017.

Ram Dayal Vaishnav

Ram Dayal Vaishnav

Ram is a passionate Open Source contributor to Mozilla’s projects (5 years+), a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Mozilla Representative, and a co-founder of the WebVR India community.

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