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Firefox Reality

Mozilla Announces Deal to Bring Firefox Reality to Pico Devices


For more than a year, we at Mozilla have been working to build a browser that was made to showcase the best of what you love about browsing, but tailor made for Virtual Reality.

Now we are teaming up with Pico Interactive to bring Firefox Reality to its latest VR headset, the Neo 2 – an all-in-one (AIO) device with 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) head and controller tracking that delivers key VR solutions to businesses. Pico’s Neo 2 line includes two headsets: the Neo 2 Standard and the Neo 2 Eye featuring eye tracking and foveated rendering. Firefox Reality will also be released and shipped with previous Pico headset models.

Pico Neo 2 headset and controllers

This means anytime someone opens a Pico device, they’ll be greeted with the speed, privacy, and great features of Firefox Reality.

Firefox Reality includes the ability to sync your Firefox Account enabling you to send tabs, sync history and bookmarks, making great content easily discoverable. There’s also a curated section of top VR content, so there’s always something fresh to enjoy.

“We are pleased to be partnered with Pico to bring Firefox Reality to their users, especially the opportunity to reach more people through their large Enterprise audience,” says Andre Vrignaud, Head of Mixed Reality Platform Strategy at Mozilla. “We look forward to integrating Hubs by Mozilla to bring fully immersive collaboration to business.”

As part of Firefox Reality, we are also bringing Hubs by Mozilla to all Pico devices. In Hubs, users can easily collaborate online around virtual objects, spaces, and tasks - all without leaving the headset.

The virtual spaces created in Hubs can be used similarly to a private video conference room to meet up with your coworkers and share documents and photos, but with added support for all of your key 3D assets. You can fully brand the environment and avatars for your business, and with web-based access the meetings are just a link away, supported on any modern web browser.

Firefox Reality will be available on Pico VR headsets later in Q1, 2020. Stay tuned to our mixed reality blog and twitter account for more details.