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Introducing Spoke: Make your own custom 3D social scenes


Today we’re thrilled to announce the beta release of Spoke: the easiest way to create your own custom social 3D scenes you can use with Hubs.

Over the last year, our Social Mixed Reality team has been developing Hubs, a WebVR-based social experience that runs right in your browser. In Hubs, you can communicate naturally in VR or on your phone or PC by simply sharing a link.

Along the way, we’ve added features that enable social presence, self-expression, and content sharing. We’ve also offered a variety of scenes to choose from, like a castle space, an atrium, and even a wide open space high in the sky.

However, as we hinted at earlier in the year, we think creating virtual scenes should be easy for anyone, as easy as creating your first webpage.


Spoke lets you quickly take all the amazing 3D content from across the web from sites like Sketchfab and Google Poly and compose it into a custom scene with your own personal touch. You can also use your own 3D models, exported as glTF. The scenes you create can be published, shared, and used in Hubs in just a few clicks. It takes as little as 5 minutes to create a scene and meet up with others in VR. Don’t believe us? Check out our 5 minute tutorial to see how easy it is.

With Spoke, all of the freely-licensed 3D content by thousands of amazing and generous 3D artists can be composed into places you can visit together in VR. We’ve made it easy to import and arrange your own 3D content as well. In a few clicks, you can meet up in a custom 3D scene, in VR, all by just sharing a link. And since you’re in Hubs, you can draw, bring in content from the web, or even take selfies with one another!

We’re beyond excited to get Spoke into your hands, and we can’t wait to see the amazing scenes you create. We’ll be adding more capabilities to Spoke over the coming months which will open up even more possibilities. As always, please join us on our Discord server or file a GitHub issue if you have feedback.

You can download the Spoke beta now for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, or browse our Sketchfab collections for inspiration.

Low Poly Campfire by Mintzkraut