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Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality 1.1.3


Firefox Reality 1.1.3 will soon be available for all users in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores.

This release includes some major new features including support for 6DoF controllers, new environments, option for curved browser window, greatly improved YouTube support, and many bug fixes.


  • Improved support for 6DoF Oculus controllers and user height.
  • Added support for 6DoF VIVE Focus (WaveVR) controllers.
  • Updated the Meadow environment and added new Offworld, Underwater, and Winter environments (Settings > Environments).
  • Added new option for curved browser window (Settings > Display).
  • Improved default playback quality of YouTube videos (defaults to 1440p HD or next best).

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed User-Agent override to fix Delight-VR video playback.
  • Changed the layout of the Settings window so it’s easier and faster to find the option you need to change.
  • Performance improvements, including dynamic clock levels and Fixed Foveated Rendering on Oculus.
  • Improved resolution of text rendering in UI widgets.
  • Plus a myriad of web-content handling improvements from GeckoVview 68.
  • … and numerous other fixes

Full release notes can be found in our GitHub repo here.

Looking ahead, we are exploring content sharing and syncing across browsers (including bookmarks), multiple windows, as well as continuing to invest in baseline features like performance. We appreciate your ongoing feedback and suggestions — please keep them coming!

Firefox Reality is available right now.

Download for Oculus
(supports Oculus Go)

Download for Daydream
(supports all-in-one devices)

Download for Viveport (Search for Firefox Reality in Viveport store)
(supports all-in-one devices running VIVE Wave)