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Bringing Firefox Reality to HoloLens 2


We are excited to announce that we’re working together with Microsoft to bring the immersive web to one of the most-anticipated mixed reality headsets in the market: HoloLens 2. Building on Microsoft’s years of experience with the current HoloLens, we will work together to learn from developers and users about bringing AR content to the web.

Our Mixed Reality program at Mozilla is focused on bringing the best browsers, services, and tools for developers to ensure that users have a safe, private experience with open, accessible technology. Alongside our desktop and standalone VR browser efforts, this prototype of Firefox Reality for HoloLens 2 will ensure that the immersive web works for all users, regardless of device they are on.

In the coming months, we will be working with the Rust community to bring the language and runtime that enable us to deliver a more secure experience to the HoloLens platforms. And we will then build on our previous work on AR headsets to bring our next generation web platform, Servo, to the HoloLens 2 when it is available this summer.

Please watch this space for new builds of the browser or get involved in our projects if you’re eager to help move the needle today.

Lars Bergstrom

Lars Bergstrom

Lars Bergstrom is the Director of Engineering for Mixed Reality at Mozilla. He manages the amazing teams working on Firefox Reality, Hubs by Mozilla, Servo, and our content ecosystem.

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