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Wrapping up a week of WebVR experiments


Earlier this week, we kicked off a week of WebVR experiments with our friends at Glitch.com. Glitch creator and WebVR expert Andrés Cuervo put together seven projects that are fun, unique, and will challenge you to learn advanced techniques for building Virtual Reality experiences on the web.

If you are just getting started with WebVR, we recommend you check out this WebVR starter kit which will walk you through creating your very first WebVR experience.

Today, we launched the final experiment. If you haven't been following along, you can catch up on all of them below:

Motion Capture Dancing in VR

Learn how to use free motion capture data to animate a character running, dancing, or cartwheeling across a floor.

Adding Models and Shaders

Learn about how to load common file types into your VR scene.

Using 3D Shapes like Winding Knots

Learn how to work with the torus knot shape and the animation component that is included with A-frame.

Animated Torus Knot Rings

Learn about template and layout components while you continue to build on the previous Winding Knots example.

Generated Patterns

Create some beautiful patterns using some flat geometry in A-Frame with clever tilting.

Creating Optical Illusions

This is a simple optical optical illusion that is made possible with virtual reality.

Including Dynamic Content

Learn how to use an API to serve random images that are used as textures in this VR scene.

We hope you enjoyed learning and remixing these experiments (We really enjoyed putting them together). Follow Andrés Cuervo on Glitch for even more WebVR experiments.